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Israel and Palestine Conflict Part 2 - The Middle East

Israel and Palestine Conflict Part 2 - The Middle East

The Middle East has been under threat for decades. In this series of articles, I will explain the conflicts happened in the Middle East and How developed nations dominated all the conflicts.
This is my third article in series of articles. 
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In this article, we will see the continuation of my last article Israel-Palestine Conflict

In 1967 six day war, Israel captured the Sinai Peninsula from Egypt, which was returned back to Egypt under a peace treaty (1982). In return, Egypt recognizes Israel as a state and Egypt is the firsArabic nation to recognize so. 

Israel’s Settlements

After 1967, Palestinian lands came under Israel’s occupation and Israeli Government settled a large number of  Jews in West Bank. These settlements split Palestinian communities and weakened their connection. As a result, there is no possibility to form a Palestinian state in future.  These settlements make life really difficult for Palestinians. Palestinians are excluded from certain Israeli-only roads and forced to go through a number of security checkpoints.
Israeli’s want this entire lands to be recognized as Israel but the world didn’t accept and even, consider the settlements are illegal. Palestinians didn’t like these encroachments, violence, and conflict erupted in West Bank.

These Israeli actions give birth to new armed rivals called Hamas, an Islamic militant group fights for freedom of Palestinian with Fatah. Fatah commonly known as PLO, Palestine Liberation Organization created in 1964. This PLO and Hamas have one motive 'Liberation of Palestine' through armed struggle.

Oslo accords peace summit 

In 1993, Israel officially recognized PLO as the representative of the Palestinian people and in the same year, Oslo accords declarations were signed between Israel and PLO(Fatah) for peace and self-rule Palestinian state in both Gaza and West Bank.

In 2000, declarations collapsed and violence has broken out after both sides fail to reach an agreement on Jerusalem. In September 2000, an Israeli politician intentionally provocative visit to Temple Mount, a holy place for both Muslims and Jews ignited a violent conflict between Israeli’s and Palestinians. This time Palestinian attacks centered on suicide bombings, rocket attacks, and sniper fire. The conflict ended in 2005, about 1000 Israelis and 3200 Palestinians were killed. 

In 2007, Hamas took control over Gaza Strip after defeating Fatah. Still, Fatah remains powerful in West Bank. In 2009, Benjamin Netanyahu is elected as prime minister of Israel. Benjamin is strictly against the formation of Palestine state, he thought if areas came under Palestine rule subsequently become Hamas stronghold. Again this will become a threat to Israel government.

In 2011, Fatah and Hamas sign a reconciliation accord, citing the common cause of opposition to the Israeli occupation. 

After 2011 Conditions getting worse day by day. Israel's every move is to capture entire Palestine. Israel government launched many restrictions over Palestinians and even Palestinians are not allowed to walk on Israeli settlement roads if Palestinian children unknowing crosses the roads or entered into Israeli settlements, the army never showed mercy on them and they killed them. The survey shows at least 2177 Palestine Children were killed by Israel army after 2000. 

Trump’s masterstroke 

After Obama, Trump becomes president of America. In late 2016, Trump recognized Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and moved the American embassy to Jerusalem.

Many countries opposed this move. Arab countries warned America as 

‘This move will open hell to America and this is a betrayal to Arab nations’.

This makes Palestinians angrier and violence broken out all over West Bank and Gaza. Israel used their army to control and now officially entire Palestinian lands came under Israel government and Arab’s are not permitted to visit their mosque in Jerusalem without permission. European countries suggesting ‘2 state solution’ to solve the conflicts. But these Israel's moves clearly shows they are not ready for 2 state solution and they want entire Palestinian land under Jewish control.

Chances are less still we hope the war will end soon...

These 2 articles are the brief and concise history of why Israel and Palestine fighting each other for 100 Years.

In my next article, we will discuss the below topics

1. Economic development of Israel.
2. The military power of Israel.
3. Development in Modern Agricultural Sector.
4. Education in Israel and Palestine.
5. The holiness of Jerusalem.
6. Abrahamic religions
7. India and other nations part in the Israel-Palestinian conflict.
8. And many more things...

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