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Communism VS Capitalism - A Historic Handshake in Korean Peninsula

Two powerful leaders and neighbors from Korean Peninsula Kim Jong-un and moon Jae-in's handshake is called as Historic Handshake. 

To know why this handshake is so important we have to look back to Korean War 1950-53, a bloody conflict which kills more than 5 million people including Korean civilians, Chinese and American soldiers.

The reason behind this Conflict.

Korea Peninsula was under the control of Japan for 35 years, after the end of world war 2, Japan rule came to an end and Korea started to build their nation with the help of communist Russia and capitalist America. 

Two world powers in Korea leads to Cold War and at the end, Korea was split into two halves, Russian controlled Communist north and American controlled Capitalist south. In 1950, North Korea came up with an idea of one country and crossed the border with Soviet weapons to capture south. Here an indirect war arises between America and Russia. Eventually, communist China was dragged by Russia to support north and America bought its capitalistic friends Britain and other European nations to the south. Heavy bombs were dropped on both the sides and huge losses from both ends. At the end of Korean War, Korea was officially divided into two halves and heavy fences and land mines for 4 kilometers separates Korea into North and South. 

As a result, North and South Korea was born. North Korea under the control of Russia and China declared as the democratic people’s republic of North Korea with communist principles. South under America and Japan declared as the Republic of Korea with capitalist principles.

The bloody cruel war between world powers is the reason for this 65 years of separation. This is the reason why this handshake is one the important move of this decade. So, the fight between North Korea and the United States, not just a fight between Trump and Kim Jong-un. It’s a 65 years old antagonism. 

North Korea and its nuclear tests

North Korea’s search for the nuclear weapon is not this decades Problem, it was started in the year 1963. With the help of Russia, North Korea started nuclear energy programs and constructed Yongbyon Nuclear Scientific Research Centre. Initially, they were building research reactors and other small nuclear tests. 

During 1980 they started their research towards nuclear weapons and conducted high explosive detonation tests. In 1985, North Korea signed nuclear non-Proliferation treaty after Russia’s compulsion. The motivation of that treaty is to stop producing nuclear weapons.

In 1993, North Korea was accused by International Atomic Energy Agency for violating the treaty after they fired a ballistic missile into the Sea of Japan.

In 1994, the US and North Korea agreed on a framework to freeze all its nuclear programs but this agreement collapsed in 2002 after North Korea was accused of accessing Pakistan’s nuclear technology.

In 2006, North Korea successfully conducted its first nuclear test as a result the US unanimously imposed trade, travel and other sanctions as punishment over North Korea's move. 

In 2007, North Korea shut down Yongbyon nuclear reactor and IAEC inspectors confirmed this. After this conformations sanctions passed against North Korea were removed.

Still, North Korea didn’t stop its research, in 2009 an earthquake occurred in a nuclear test site and America confirmed this as unnatural quake. North Korea news agency gave a press release as a second nuclear test was conducted successfully. And in the same year, Kim Jong-un was elected as the Supreme power of North Korea.

Then Kim Jong-un’s era started, 

After Kim Jong-un elected as Supreme power, things getting more complicated. All the leaders of North Korea had one goal to make a weapon to reach America. One specialty with Kim Jong-un compared to other leaders is Perseverance and whatever or whoever threat, he never stops until he reaches the goal.

In Feb - 2012, North Korea announced that it will suspend all its nuclear test and it also allows IAEA inspectors to monitor the test sites. America called this move as “important, if limited”. But North Korea broke the trust within 2 months by conducting the long-missile test in April - 2012.

In 2013, North Korea conducted its third nuclear test successfully and all nations came to know this after United Nations geological survey detected a seismic disturbance of 5.1 magnitude nearby test sites in North Korea.

In 2016, again an earthquake was detected and the reason behind this shocked all the nations. This time the test was conducted with the hydrogen bomb, a fission blast. North Korea confirmed this test officially as their Fourth underground nuclear test.

In 2017, North Korea successfully test its long-range intercontinental ballistic missile. Now the quake is not in North Korea, it’s in all developed and developing counties. This final move of North Korea spurred Trumps administration.

Trump tries to threaten and warn Kim Jong-un with his fiery words to stop their missile test,

Below I mentioned few Trumps tweets

“North Korea will be met with fire and the fury like the world has never seen”

“Rocketman on a suicide mission by himself”

“All options are on the table”. Kim Jong-un not at all bothered these words.

Missiles to hugs

How this twist happened all of a sudden. Is this due to economic sanctions imposed against North Korea by other countries or a new strategy by Kim Jong-un.

North Korea is not the wealthiest country, it was a poor and primitive one. They can’t sustain without the help of world’s big powers. Those big powers imposed economic sanctions desperately to stop Kim Jong-un. 

Economic sanctions imposed by UN.....
  • 89% reduction of petroleum products going into North Korea.
  • Expelling all North Korean workers, who are working in aboard back to North Korea in 24 months.
  • Banning all the exports from North Korea.
  • China stops all forms of trade with North Korea. (83% of North Korean exports are with China).
If this situation continues people of North Korea may die due to Hungry and famine. Obviously, it ends up with revolutions. Then Kim Jong-un has the chance to lose his power. So he started to express his charming side to the world by meeting Chinese president, South Korean President, the American president and Denuclearisation of the Korean Peninsula. 

This is how Historic Handshake was scripted.

But this is not the END. This is a great political strategy to hold power and he will bounce back once his nation is economically stable.

Here I explain Kim Jong-un's strategy in 3 simple points.

1. Starting a crisis, with missiles by telling the world that North Korea is ready for war against America. This tension keeps entire world in fear. As a result, strong economic sanctions were imposed on North Korea by all countries. Now North Korea has their weapon to reach America’s mainland, But no food for people.

2. So now he achieved the goal in weapon technology. But he had to feed his people, so he started to suggest negotiations and 2 months later joined Olympics and turned the clock. Now North Korea need cash to survive, so he started to travel China, South Korea, America, etc. 

3. But this not going to be an end of 65 years Korean War. North Korea not going to give up this much easier.

But now Kim become a hero, he got the weapon to reach America and food to feed his people.

Prabhu Ram

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